Education For All Coalition - Sierra Leone (EFAC-SL)
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Introduction Background & Origin

The coalition was founded in 2000 as a National Coalition comprising of various Non-Governmental Organisations, Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organisations operating in all regions or districts all over the country. It is also made up of professional Associations like the Sierra Leone Teachers Union (SLTU), National Council of Headteachers of Primary Schools (NaCoH), the Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools (CPSS) etc., educational and research institutions, and other stakeholders in Sierra Leone.

The establishment of the Education for All Sierra Leone Coalition (EFA-SL) was undertaken in order to advance the objectives outlined in the Jomtien Declaration that was endosed by the Dakar Declaration and other global agreements pertaining to universal access to basic education in Sierra Leone. The coalition pushes for compulsory, and inclusive quality education that places particular emphasis on the issues that advances girls' education and practices that can be substantiated and defended. Its primary objective is to advocate for the effective implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 4. The coalition currently boasts a membership of 60 organizations spread throughout Sierra Leone.


Active citizens work through a strengthened EFA SL coalition to Influence free, universal, publicly provided, adequately and equitably funded education, with wellsupported teachers, and strong state systems that provide accountable public oversight for the achievement of measurable changes to promote climate friendly lifelong learning opportunities for All.


EFA-SL coalition works for a just society wherein the right to inclusive, Free, quality gender-responsive, climate friendly education is guaranteed for all.


By advocating, networking, and lobbying, the EFA SL initiate partnerships and investments to contribute to processes that ensure a just society where all people have equal access to Inclusive, Free, equitable and quality climate primary and secondary education


Transparency, Accountability, Participation, Services & Commitments, Partnership and Collaboration, Mutual respect for all, Equality and justice.

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